Eco School

At Great Kimble School we encourage children to think about the ways that they can care for their amazing planet. In 2012 and 2014 we were awarded the Green Flag. This is the highest accolade and shows that we do all we can to take care of our planet through reducing, reusing and recycling. Therefore our aim is to send newsletters and other information electronically. However, I am aware that some families have difficulty with their internet, and we are more than happy to send home a paper copy if you would prefer. Please let Mrs Jeffs know if you would like paper copies. For those families new to the school, most paperwork (fliers, information, homework etc) is put into book bags on a FRIDAY. It would be INCREDIBLY helpful if you would take them out at the week-end and only return relevant paperwork.

The Green Flag

Our Eco Flag flies from the pole which is situated by the pond at the back of the school. Hopefully all the local walkers and families will see our flag flying in the breeze. Apart from exceptionally windy days, our flag should be prominent most of the time.

Our Aims:

At Great Kimble School we try to care for ourselves, others and the environment; we need to take responsibility for our own actions. As part of our desire to be an Eco-school and help sustain the world, we have agreed to try to undertake the following:

Reduce the amount of materials we use and waste we produce;

Re–use materials wherever possible,

Restore what is deemed to have been destroyed and Respect our neighbours and our environment

Our Year 2 pupils have been studying our Eco-code and wanted to change it to ensure that it is relevant for  the school today, and not when first written . The new version states:

At Great Kimble School we have agreed to do the following:

  • Switch off the lights when we are not using them
  • Put our rubbish in the CORRECT bin – fruit caddy, paper recycling or landfill
  • Not waste paper
  • Come to school by car sharing, walking, cycling whenever possible
  • Turn off the taps when we leave the bathroom
  • Only use the amount of toilet paper we need.
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle
  • Ask our cleaner not to use unnecessary chemicals
  • Have a healthy lunch with a maximum of one treat
  • Grow flowers, fruit, vegetables in our garden and look after our wildlife
  • Keep our school clean and tidy

Please do encourage your child to tell you how they are getting on with these goals. Thank you.

Smokey Row

This year (2017-18) Year Two pupils mostly visit on Tuesday afternoons, Reception on Thursday afternoons and Year One on Wednesday afternoons. The walk to Smokey Row is used for mental maths work, speaking and listening skills and also to support the children’s understanding of the Earth’s movement in space, observing changes across the four seasons, observing the apparent movement of the Sun during the day and also observing the weather associated with the seasons.

Our pupils learn to cross the railway line safely: they are aware of the importance of being quiet so you can hear the noise of the train, not only the whistle but also the rumbling in the tracks. .

With the new focus of the Science Curriculum from 2014  we are truly blessed to have been gifted this wonderful piece of land.

The hedge that was professionally planted is doing incredibly well: all sorts of berries and different coloured leaves are on view for the pupils to observe.

Walking down the lane

Please can I remind ALL families who drive up or down the lane in the morning to be extra vigilant for small children?

Thank you to all those families who suggested that the school lane would be safer if parents tried to make it a one-way system. Although the police have said that the lane can’t be one-way as that would increase speed and danger, certainly at that time in the morning it would make excellent sense if most families were able to drive in at Church Lane and exit at Bridge Street. This would help our ‘Meet and Greet’ as well as making it more comfortable for families walking in the lane. Please do remind your child to ask for a sticker for their passport when they car share or park and walk – I know that many families are doing their best to support our initiatives so it would be wonderful if your child managed to complete their Walk to School passport.

Don’t forget that you can support our Travel plan by also doing the following:

  • Trying to car share with other families in your immediate area.
  • Park at the Stewart Hall and walk across the fields using the footpath immediately adjacent to the station – following this footpath takes you to the school.
  • Little Kimble Station – this has limited spaces but again you can walk across the footpaths to school.
  • Park by the Swan pub and walk up the  lane.

The  ‘Meet and Greet’  allows you to drop your child off on the yellow zig-zags by the school drive where an appropriate adult will escort them into the school gated area. This is only on offer between 8.20am & 8.45am.If you have any other ideas to alleviate the parking problems in our community, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Currently our pupils are involved in:

  • Recycling – paper, cardboard, plastic and glass
  • Composting – our fruit waste every day
  • Growing our own food in the raised beds at school
  • Growing flowers for the bees and butterflies: the garden also has flowers for attracting insects; the sunflower heads will be kept for seeds to continue to feed the birds through the winter.
  • Helping wildlife through planting of native hedge on the boundary, and also planting of pond area.
  • Saving energy – we have posters reminding people of the need to turn off the lights; children also take responsibility for turning off the computers after use
  • Litter picking – throughout the term to try to keep the playground free from litter.
  • Talking and thinking about the world – the children have been discussing their role in helping to save the planet, and why they should care – there have been some excellent discussions on this issue, and they have shown real responsibility for their own actions in making a difference.
  • Kimble Bear – Kimble Bear has been further afield in his travels! The photos that he sends and the letters/postcards/e-mails that he sends are teaching  our pupils about how others live in different parts of the world.

Other information

Car sharing and park and walk

For families new to the school, or for those families who have forgotten, when your child comes to school by bike, scooter or by foot (including the walking crocodile on Wednesday and Friday, or parking at Kimble station and walking over the fields) they get a sticker for their Passport. There are three Passports – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Blank passports are kept by Mrs Jeffs – if your child doesn’t yet have one or has lost theirs over the school holiday, please ask for another one. When the passport is completed it is signed by Mrs Jeffs and your child is entitled to a free swim (or another sporting activity) at the local leisure centre.

School Travel Plan

Our school has a Bronze Level Travel Plan, which has been designed to help us be as active and sustainable in our travel to school as possible. Over the years we have been blessed with a wonderful band of governors, staff, parents and pupils who have worked hard to ensure that our pupils appreciate the benefits of walking, biking or scooting to school where possible. We acknowledge, however, that many families have to drop pupils off at other schools or pre-schools and walking is impossible.

School Travel Plan